Swaminarayan Philosophy


Hinduism has been preserved by its many streams and faiths.
The richness and diversity has provided fuel for many spiritual paths, the ultimate destination of which is the same, the Supreme Reality.The Swaminarayan movement was founded by a great social and spiritual reformer, Lord Swaminarayan (1781-1830 AD). As a manifestation of God Himself, Lord Swaminarayan arrived on this earth during a time of great social and spiritual turmoil. But in the short span of 49 years, He addressed many social ills, revive Hinduism and provided a spiritual path, the Swaminarayan Philosophy, to last the ages.

The Spiritual Succession

At the age of 49, Lord Swaminarayan left this earth for His Divine Abode. But in His teachings, Lord Swaminarayan assured his followers that
he would continue to manifest on earth through an uninterrupted succession of Gunatit saints. Guided by these saints, Lord Swaminarayan’s
devotees would reach “Akshardham”, or the Highest State of Consciousness.

Gunatit Samaj

The Swaminarayan sampraday is arguably the fastest growing segment of the Hindu religion. Within the order are
several branches, of which some of the most significant Gunatit Samaj branches are mentioned below with the
head and Gunatit Guru of each branch. Anoopam Mission is one of the Gunatit Sanstha.

Each branch of the Swaminarayan sampraday is led by a Divine Guru and all share the same goal espoused
by Lord Swaminaryan: the continued moral, spiritual and cultural upliftment of humanity.

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