Shree Yogi Aarogya Kendra

Commencement: June 2008

A Unique Contribution of Anoopam Mission in the Area of Health

Sanjivani Aarogya Kendra was established in 1978 at Vallabh Vidyanagar. It was the only health centre in the entire area in those days. This health centre has been making free medical diagnosis with a little charge affordable by everyone for the last 30 years. This health centre has now been shifted and developed at Mogri so that the nearby village areas can get benefits of it. It was named as ‘Shree Yogi Aarogya Kendra’ in 2008 and now it is on the way to progress.

The people of the village areas are provided with free/at concession rates medical diagnosis as well as treatment of the general diseases without any discriminations of race, religion or caste by Shree Yogi Aarogya Kendra. In addition to that, attempts are made to prevent such diseases by organising various programmes on Health Awareness and through Preventive Education especially in the village areas.

Daily Diagnosis/Treatment at Free of Cost/Concession Rates
  • Daily O.P.D. (General)
  • Dental Treatment – Kusumben Surendrabhai Patel Smit Dental Treatment Division
  • Physiotherapy – Exercise Division

Testing, Diagnosis and Treatment by Specialist Doctors

Facilities like testing, diagnosis and treatment which are generally not available in the village areas. They are available in urban areas only.
Such facilities are provided to village people by the specialist doctors. The following facilities are available :

  • Orthopedic Diseases
  • Free Eye Check-up and Spectacles at a Concession Rate
  • Darmetologist (Skin)
  • Gynaecological Diseases
  • ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) Diseases
Health Awareness Camps
  • Cancer Detection and Awareness programme – Lalitaba Cancer Detection and Awareness Division
  • Diabetes Education and Prevention
  • Heart Camp
  • Osteoporosis Camp
  • Pre-pregnancy and Post-pregnancy Care
  • De-addiction : Liberation from addictions like Smoking, Liquor
  • About AIDS
  • Eye Camp
  • Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Camp

Specialist Services
  • Abdominal Diseases (Diseases related to Stomach)
  • Diseases related to Bones and Joints
  • Diseases related to Chest and Lungs
  • Brain Diseases
  • Child Diseases (Paediatric Diseases)
  • X-Ray and Sonography

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