‘MITRA’ Rehabilitation Centre

Commencement: July 1993

Help children with special needs to lead a life with dignity and self respect

Mitra is a vision of Anoopam Mission’s President Sant Bhagwant Sahebji Maharaj.

Mitra Rehabilitation Centre is one of the wings of Yogi Vidyapeeth, an educational nucleus of Anoopam Mission. Since July 1993, Mitra Rehabilitation Centre-the first of its kind in the whole Anand district is catering to the needs of the Differently Abled from infants to adults. Mitra Rehabilitation Centre is bound to satisfy the needs of the Differently Abled and it enables the disables to Step into the world. In this selfless service, our inspirer is Sant Bhagwant Sahebji-Spiritual Master of Anoopam Mission. Our aim is to provide exceptional services and training to the children with special needs to become self sustaining individuals. This will help them to lead their life with dignity and self respect to become productive members of the society.

Mitra Rehabilitation Centre is a non government organization, providing a day care program. Its uniqueness is in its services…….

Our Services
  • Disha – Child Guidance and Counseling Centre
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Early Intervention and Sensory Stimulation Program
  • Individualized Education Program
  • Homebound program
  • Integration Program
  • Professional Training Program
  • Parents Education Program
  • Consultation Services
  • Awareness Programs
  • Workshop
    Vocational training program is conducted in the workshop having different workstations such as Embroidery and appliqué work, Tailoring, Jewellery, making, Paper bag, Envelopes, Decorative covers, Pen stand, Flower vase, Keyboard making, Diya making, Doormats, etc.
  • Special Education Program
    • Physical motor skills
    • Self help skills
    • Communication skills
    • Cognitive abilities
    • Computer skills
    • Social and Emotional skills
    • Domestic skills
    • Vocational skills
    • Leisure time activities.
Our Achievements
  • Representation in Special Olympics at national and international levels.
  • Networking with professional groups.
  • Exhibitions of products made by the Differently Abled at National level.
  • Winner in dance competition at National level.
  • Placements of the Differently Abled in the community.
  • Employment of the Differently Abled in our centre itself.
  • Four Intellectually disabled students cleared SSC examination through NIOS.
  • Eight students are now abroad after receiving training in our centre.
  • Students who were integrated in the past are now pursuing higher studies and some are successfully employed.
Mission and Values
  • To help them to lead their life with dignity and self respect parallel to the community
  • To provide exceptional services and training to the children with special needs
  • We value network with professions, parents and those who volunteer to be part of our team
  • The team of professionals is committed to the work and to the quality of improvement
Our Future plans
  • Development of training and research facilities
  • Consortium services for educational equipments and teaching aids
  • Therapeutic mobile clinic to reach out in remote areas

Pragnan Tirth
Sarvangi Shikshan Sansthan,
Old Mogri-Anand Road, Mogri – 388345
Dist: Anand, Gujarat, India

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