Anoopam Sanjivani Health Awareness (ASHA) Project

Commencement: April 2006

The transformation of Narmada’s health system has its roots in a very simple but powerful idea promoted by Sant Bhagwant Sahebji. It’s the belief that healthcare is a human right for all—no matter their income or where they call home. Without proper healthcare and preventative measures, the rest of an individual’s life can fall into disrepair, affecting one’s ability to support a family and take care of oneself, and even lowering life expectancy. One such locale that has faced particular hardships in its access to healthcare is the Satpuda region of the Narmada district in Gujarat. This remote region is located among intense hilly terrain, limiting commute to the nearest city only by foot, bicycle, or a vehicle such as a Jeep, which the tribal populations cannot afford. Insufficient infrastructure poses a compounding concern, as many villages in Narmada do not have electricity, primary schools, or medical centers.

To reach these underserved communities, Anoopam Mission commenced with providing basic healthcare to Narmada in 2006, inspired by Brahmaswaroop Gurudev Yogiji Maharaj’s guiding principle: to recognize God in every single individual. With a heart full of reverence and compassion, the cornerstone of Anoopam Mission’s strategy for Narmada has now become uninterrupted access to medicine and healthcare services. A mobile medical van is used to visit the 36 adopted villages, and volunteer medical professionals provide free consultations, medication, and health education for preventing common illnesses, such as malnutrition, anemia, and scabies. For further treatment, individuals also receive free transportation to nearby city hospitals. More than 150 villages across the Narmada district benefit from Anoopam Mission’s three main areas of assistance: health education, healthcare services, and healthcare resources. The compilation of these programs is now known as the Anoopam Sanjivani Health Awareness (ASHA) Project.

Health Education
  • Children’s health awareness program: provide basic services of nail cutting, hair cutting, and lice medication for children
  • Anemia awareness and prevention program: distribute iron tablets and food provisions to prevent hemoglobin deficiency due to malnutrition in women and newborn children
  • Childbirth awareness program: educate midwives on the importance of cleaning and sterilizing equipment
  • Cancer awareness program: teach about early symptoms of cancer so it can be treated early
  • Vyasan Mukti (“Freedom from Addiction”) program: raise awareness of social, financial, and health impact caused by addictions, including tobacco, liquor, and drugs

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Healthcare Services
  • Diabetes awareness and detection
  • Blood pressure detection
  • Dental camps
  • ENT camps
  • Eye camps
  • Polio and orthopedic camps

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Healthcare Resources
  • Free medication: pediatric drops, iron capsules, vitamin A supplement, asthma treatment
  • Free distribution: clothes and shoes, blankets, hygiene kit (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, comb), supplementary food to school children (ASHA Poshak Aahar)

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Additional Programs
  • Blood Donation Motivation program
  • Tree Plantation program: assist in providing social forestry opportunities as a means to improve rural economies, preserve and protect the environment, and grow affordable and nutritious food in tribal villages

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