Anoopam Mission Mahila Aarogya Abhiyan (AMMAA)

Commencement: December 2007

Anoopam Mission strongly supports female empowerment and equality in our communities. As behnos from the satsang community formed a close bond with Sant Bhagwant Sahebji, they would ask Him for guidance in decisions regarding their health. Seeking out an opportunity to serve God and deeply believing Himself to be a humble servant of Bhagwan Swaminarayan, Sant Bhagwant Sahebji emulated how to become a servant of servants. He created a way to collectively perform seva of all these female haribhaktos by establishing Anoopam Mission Mahila Aarogya Abhiyan (AMMAA). The AMMAA program provides high-quality healthcare to women and girls. What began as a way to perform seva of satsangis has now extended to rural areas where these services are needed the most. Check-up, screening, and awareness services are provided through AMMAA. If additional diagnosis, specialized consultation, or treatment is required thereafter, Anoopam Mission supports women in receiving the care they need. Anoopam Mission also aims to cover any expenses incurred by an individual facing financial difficulties.

Equal access to healthcare includes access for women and girls – a demographic that has often been neglected when it comes to healthcare parity. In rural areas without nearby access to a healthcare provider, women are less likely to receive vaccines, get a professional diagnosis, or seek treatment when ill in comparison to their male counterparts. The disadvantages and inequality that women and girls experience often originate from their needs being ignored, overlooked, or considered financially unfavorable. Women are the first to lose their right to health when access to healthcare is limited, especially if they are the sole caretakers for their families. With more control over their health, women not only improve their status within their home but also have greater ability to make decisions and fundamentally serve to reshape societies.

When every member of society is able to access healthcare, regardless of gender, religion, region, or socioeconomic status, a community will benefit from the full engagement of each individual. Investing in the empowerment of women and girls leads to improved health and global development. Anoopam Mission aims to fill in the gaps in community healthcare to help underrepresented populations move towards healthier futures.

Services Provided Through AMMAA

  • Regular health check-ups
  • Eye check-ups
  • Preventive treatment for anemia
  • Diabetes screening
  • Hypertension screening
  • Osteoporosis screening
  • Breast and uterine cervical cancer screening
  • Menstrual disorder awareness
  • Pregnancy-related disorder awareness
  • Obesity prevention awareness

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