Joy of Giving

Anoopam Mission strives to provide day to day necessities to needy people, by encouraging and channelising contributions/donations from devotees and others, along with various corporates worldwide. Some examples of our projects are: –

We facilitate the distribution of new/used clothes, food, books, toys, stationary, hygiene & health products, etc. throughout the year, to the needy in remote rural locations of Gujarat.
Under the BOOK BANK project, we collect textbooks and reference books from past students & make them available to needy students for their academic studies.

We also launched CONTAINERS OF PEACE project in association with Anoopam Mission UK. In this project Anoopam Mission UK collects surplus goods from the devotees and other donors; and various corporate sponsors like Sainsbury’s, Woolworths, Marks and Spencer, Virgin, Gillette, etc. to provide clothing and other assistance for the needy in India. The collected goods are distributed across the country by Anoopam Mission India, regardless of religion, caste, creed or race.

We are thankful to all the donors for their support to JOY OF GIVING.

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