Anoopam Mission Goals

The Anoopam Mission undertakes its spiritual philosophy through a fusion of ‘bhakti yoga’ (the yoga of devotion) and ‘karma yoga’ (the yoga of action).

Bhakti yoga is devotion to the Supreme Reality and includes prayer, chanting and meditation. But in actuality, it also goes much beyond this to incorporate a state of mind in which every word, thought and action is dedicated to the Lord.

Karma yoga involves performing selfless service – expecting nothing by way of compensation, gratitude or praise – and humbly offering the results of the work to the Lord.

The devotion to the Lord, which is inherent in both bhakti yoga and karma yoga, evolves out of dedication to the living guru who has attained the status of ‘Akshar’ – or oneness with God. Thus complete dedication to this guru leads the guru’s devotee to himself attain oneness with the ‘Purushottam’ – meaning the Supreme Reality or God.

The Anoopam Missions vratdhari sadhaks practice devotion by living according to the every word of their guru, Sahebji. He instructs them to live a life that reflects truth, love, devotion, non-violence and compassion. He emphasizes the need to recognize the Divine in every human being. Sahebji inspires the sadhaks to do this by serving humanity for it results in the service to the Lord Himself.

Therefore, under Sahebji’s guidance, the vratdhari sadhaks perform bhakti yoga through various devotional activities such as organizing religious celebrations, performing in the Mission’s musical group (for singing devotional songs), engaging in the routine functioning of the temple, etc.

In the same way, karma yoga is practiced through chores, employment and humanitarian service. The humanitarian service takes the form of Anoopam Mission’s services for all of humanity (regardless of caste, color, creed or religion) in the areas of education, healthcare and social welfare.

In summary, all of the Anoopam Mission’s actions and all the fruits of the actions are dedicated as humble offerings to the Lord.

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