Anoopam Mission is an international spiritual cultural and community organisation and a public registered trust. It is grounded in the Swaminarayan faith, which fuels its drive to serve humanity selflessly.

Through the vision of its spiritual leader Sant Bhagwant Param Pujya Sahebji, Anoopam Mission works to elevate communities in every way, through provision of education, health-care, disaster relief, social welfare and cultural and community based activities.

Today, through these numerous activities, Anoopam Mission has reached out to change the lives of those most in need.


Together We Empower

every child and adult in discovering their hidden potential by supporting broader access to education. Excellent leaders focus on innovative learning opportunities to empower students and transform their lives. Propelling individuals to find their place in a modern society, we:

  • Wholeheartedly invest in each student regardless of age and gender
  • Gain inclusive environments for the differently abled
  • Surpass social and economic barriers to accomplish this goal

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Together We Ignite

a philanthropic mindset for individuals to become agents for change. We harness advances in science to narrow current gaps in medical care, proactively addressing all populations. Recognizing public awareness to be the cornerstone to strengthening the health of a community, we:

  • Situate ourselves in underrepresented areas to maximize impact
  • Diagnose disease faster and more accurately
  • Identify barriers to safeguard the health of women

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Community Service

Together We Support

those with a strong sense of purpose. Encouraging growth at both the individual and community level, we:

  • Celebrate a strategic and intentional method of giving by those who forge a commitment to their community
  • Provide cohesive opportunities beyond basic welfare to accelerate advancing in overall wellbeing and human development
  • Promote personal growth and long-term character development in thriving youth, enlightening individuals to become beacons of positivity in a rapidly changing world

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Relief Work

Together We Overcome

natural calamities by rebuilding the lives of people facing adversity. We seek to extend ourselves in regions ranging from impoverished and malnourished to flooded and earthquake-stricken. Humbly embracing our community as our responsibility, we:

  • Strengthen food systems to aid in physical and cognitive development, recognizing that proper nutrition is a neglected area of social relief
  • Advocate for rural economic defense against poverty by stabilizing agricultural lifestyles
  • Reinforce resilience in families during crises by building temporary and permanent shelters

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Together We Sustain

our environment, protecting and replenishing our resources for the self-sufficiency of future generations. Our emerging leaders become informed and involved on how to move forward, expanding the growth potential of our country. Implementing a holistic approach to sustainability, we:

  • Invigorate rural economies by investing in water conservation in farming villages
  • Generate renewable energy to move towards net-zero infrastructure
  • Develop native vegetation and utilize ethno botany in a methodology that fuses traditional and modern

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Support the Cause

Anoopam Mission is a non-profit organization. Using one of the following options you can support the humanity and contribute to the betterment of society.

* For more information, please contact us at any of our centers.

Take a step forward

Inspired by our Spiritual and Divine Guru – Sant Bhagwant Param Pujya Sahebji, today Anoopam Mission is serving
selflessly, devotedly and working towards upliftment of the society.

Donations can be made by cheques payable to: ANOOPAM MISSION.

Legal Registrations :
Anoopam Mission is a Public Charitable Trust, Regd. No. E/1390/Anand. Dt. 03-09-2001
(Original Regd. No. Kheda / E / 2422dt. 13-8-1976) with Charity Commissioner, under Bombay Public Charitable Trust Act 1950.
Registered under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 1976, Regd. No. 042040035