Brahmaswarup Param Pujya Jaga Swami

Birth Day

Aaso Vud 2, Vikram Samvat 1883
(1827 A.D.)

Birth Place

Ambardi, Gujarat, India


Mother: Ratanbai
Father: Raghav Bhakta


Wife: Amrabai
Sons: Baghabhai, Naranbhai


Jaga Swamiji was inclined towards renunciation right from his very early childhood and this naturally fuelled tension in his family which did not particularly welcomed the idea. Once, during the night time when the members of the family were fast asleep, a big serpent with jewel on its hood descended from the roof top into the house. When everyone got very panicky, Jaga Swami consoled the bewildered family members and then asked the serpent to go away. As if it was a command from some divine power, the serpent immediately went away without a whisper. No sooner did the serpent went away, the whole house was brightened with a magnificent brilliance. Bhagwan Swaminarayan Himself appeared before Jaga Swami and blessed him. Witnessing all these, the family members got convinced about the divinity of Jaga Swami and his greater spiritual mission on this earth. They readily agreed to his idea of allowing him to renounce his worldly ties and dedicate himself for the spiritual pursuits. Thus, with the consent and good wishes of his family members, Jaga Swami reached Junagadh, where he was initiated into the sainthood and then remained in the company and service of Gunatitanand Swamiji.

‘The Fulfillment of Your Command is the Greatest of all Celebrations for Me !’

In the winter of Vikram Samvat 1910, Acharya Raghuvirji Maharaj had come to Junagadh, where a number of celebrations were organised. While all the devotees and saints were looking forward to participate and enjoy the celebrations in the company of Acharyashri, Swamiji was concerned about the cattle feed which was lying unattended in field of a nearby village of Sankhdavadar. Since no one was prepared to sacrifice the joy of the celebrations in Junagadh and go to the field, Swamiji requested Jaga Swami, ‘will you go to Sankhdavadar to look after the cattle feed there ?’

Jaga Swami folded his hand in reverence and said, ‘Swamiji ! You don’t have to make a request to me, you just have to command me. I will certainly follow any of your commands, since the fulfillment of your command is the greatest of all celebrations for me !’ And thus, Jaga Swami went to Sankhadavadar, while everyone was enjoying the celebrations in Junagadh. But lo ! Jaga Swami, sitting in the fields of Sankhdavadar, was actually able to witness and enjoy every bit of the seventeen-day celebrations performed in Junagadh through divine vision !!

Blessings to Shastriji Maharaj

One day Jaga Swamiji proposed Guruhari Shastriji Maharaj, ‘Shastriji ! Why don’t you consider taking-up the historic and divine task of establishing the idols and Upasana of AksharPurushottam ? ‘Swamiji !’ Shastriji Maharaj replied humbly, ‘I have to justify to the administrator of the temple my petty requirement for even a post-card; so where do I find the resources for building a temple of Akshar Purushottam ? It is a task , I suppose, of either a king or an Acharya.’ At that moment, Jaga Swamiji looked deep into the eyes of Shastriji Maharaj and uttered powerful divine blessings, ‘Shastriji ! From this moment onward if you do not make a volition for the purpose of building the Akshar Purushottam Temple, then it will be your loss; and if those volitions are not realized , then the loss will be mine. Therefore, go ahead and fulfil the divine ordain of the establishment of the pure Upasana and the installation of the idols of Akshar Purushottam in the centre-place of the Sanctum Sanatorium of the temple.’ Guruhari Shastriji Maharaj was literally charged with those blessings and the rest is history.

Jaga Swamiji’s Maxim

Never pass a judgement on others; in case you can’t resist from passing judgements, then pass judgements about your own self; but never, never try to evaluate God and His devotees in negative perspective.

Divine Valediction

At the age of 73 years, 3 months and 24 days, the physical body of Brahmaswarup P.P.Jaga Swami bade farewell to this world on Maha Sood 10, Vikram Samvat 1957 in Dangra village of the Rajkot District in Saurashtra region of Gujarat state.

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