Suhrad Samarpan Mahamantra Lekhan
for Shree Akshar Purushottam Temple at Anoopam Mission, UK


This year is the ‘Sarva Suhrad Sopan’. Su-hrday-bhav has so many meanings, is so multi-faceted and encompasses the one-heartedness, the unity and the spiritual harmony between all. The Anoopam Mission mandir belongs to our worldwide Anoopam Mission family, and so we wanted all haribhakto to help to build the mandir in the UK!

Guruvarya Param Pujya Sahebji has said that mandirs are built from the bhav, bhakti, samarpan and prarthana of haribhakto. So it is with the suhrad samarpan of your prayers offered here through mahamantra lekhan, that this mandir will arise!

For every 75 mantras you write, you will be one step closer to ‘Prabhu Darshan’. For every 750 mahamantras you write, you will create a brick, which will go towards the building of the mandir! If you create 10 bricks (7500 mahamantras), you will get an 11th bonus brick by writing only 75 more mahamantras….and then a beautiful surprise will await you! Let us start building the new mandir together…

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Guide to Perform Suhrad Samarpan MahaMantra Lekhan Prathana for UK Temple

Login page

  1. If you are not registered with online mantra lekhan on
    Click on New Registration and follow Registration process.
  2. Enter your registered email, password here.
    Select option “Prathna for UK Temple” and click on Login.
  3. Suharad Samarpan Mahamantra Lekhan Prathna page will open (Screen 2).
Screen 1

Understanding of Elements on Mantra lekhan page

  1. Swaminarayan Text Box - Mantra Lekhan Area
  2. Suhrad Samarpan - Mantra Display Area
  3. Prabhu Darshan – Murti Display Area
  4. Single Block on Prabhu Darshan Murti - Murti covered with 100 blocks
  5. Suharad Samarpan Mantra - Total mantra written for UK Temple
  6. Suharad Brick Samarpan - Total brick donated
  7. Suharad Samarpan Vandan (#) - Total Mantra for current vandan
    # will display current vandan number (1 Vandan = 7575 Mantras = 11 bricks)

Temple outline - When Donate Brick button is clicked brick will be laid to this area

(You might see visuals of brick being laid down to the temple by other online users)

Each country is having predefined color of brick and you can view present status of bricks donated by worldwide user. You can view countrywise Suhrad Brick Samarpan by clicking on this icon. You can view Temple Model Photos by clicking on this icon.

Screen 2

Steps to perform Suharad Samarpan Vandan

  • On writing 75 Mantra, 1 Block will open from area (C).
Screen 3
  • On writing 750 Mantras, 10 Blocks will open from area (C).
  • Text Box (A) will be converted to Brick and Donate Brick Button will appear.
  • User can write his / her name on Brick or can dedicate the brick on someone else’s name by writing their name.
  • Clicking on Donate Brick button user will be able to donate the 1st brick to the temple.
  • When Donate Brick button is clicked brick will be laid to the temple (H).
Screen 4
  • On writing 7500 mantras, the entire area (C) will open for Darshan.
Screen 5
  • When you donate the 10th brick, congratulations message will appear on screen.
  • Click to continue and you will get a bonus brick by writing only 75 more mantras.
Screen 6
  • On writing 7575 mantras, Sahebji’s autographed brick will appear in area (B). 
  • Click on Donate Brick button to donate your 11th brick to the temple.
Screen 7
  • When you donate the 11th brick congratulations message will appear on screen.
  • Sahebji’s Audio Blessings, Autographed Brick and Prabhu Darshan Murti will be sent to your registered email.
  • Click to Listen to Sahebji Audio Blessings.
  • Click to Continue your Suhrad Samarpan Prarthna.
Screen 8
  • When you complete the First Vandan
    Vandan (#) changes to 2 and Suharad Samarpan Vandan Mantra Count (G) will be reset to 0. 
  • When you complete First Vandan new icon link will appear.
Screen 9
  • From Smruti Download page (Screen 10) you will be able to download Sahebji's autographed Prabhu Darshan murti and Sahebji’s Audio Blessings.
  • New Prabhu Darshan Murti will be added to this page on completion of each vandan.
Screen 10
Note :
  • On completion of every Suharad Samarpan Vandan- Count (G) will be reset to 0. Vandan (#) will be increased by 1.
  • New Prabhu Darshan Murti will be added to Smruti Download page on completion of each vandan.
  • You will receive pop-up message “Your Brick is coming up...” on 5 mantra before donating a brick.
  • If browser is closed without logging out you may lose your recently entered Mantras.
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