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The sacred Chãturmãs will begin on 4 July on Devpodhi Ekãdashi, and with our Lord’s aagnã, for the sole purpose of our Lord’s prasannatã, may we draw on God’s strength in our resolve to follow the niyams below to the best of our capacity.

  1. Everyday, with the smruti of our Lord and Guru, we will chant the ‘Swãminãrãyan’ Mahãmantra for half an hour.
  2. Everyday, either in the morning or the evening, when all members of the family are together, we will perform aarti and thãl.
  3. Every night, we will gather with all members of the family or with all mukto living nearby, and read 1 ‘Vachanãmrut’, 10 ‘Swãmi ni Vãto’ and also read from ‘Brahmaswaroop Shãstriji Mahãrãj’s Jivan Charitra’. You may also perform your daily half hour dhun at this time.
  4. We will perform a four-month fast (Chãturmãs) or fast for the month of Shrãvan by eating once a day.
  5. During Chãturmãs, we will refrain from eating at hotels or restaurants.
  6. During Chãturmãs, we will give up all fizzy drinks and fast-food.
  7. During the month of Shrãvan, we will join in the Samuh Mahãpujã and have as many mahãpujãs as possible carried out in our mandir.
  8. We will not speak or listen to anything negative (amahimã, bhãv-fer) about anyone. If it happens, we should perform penance by doing 11 mãlã and fasting.
  9. Every night, before going to bed – whoever we have had a clash or problem with – whether it is a family member, someone from your mandal or with Santo – we will consciously reflect and think about their virtues.
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